The Beautiful Darkness Of A Midnight Snow - (a winter's tale) RELEASED DATE 11/30/2018

My NEW and very first Winter Solstice album, will be released as a hard copy as well as digital download.

A story filled with shieldmaidens and warriors, a war against evil, protecting mother earth, Goddesses, the first winter solstice, a love that will never die, and an unexpected ending that will totally catch you off guard.

This music won't be your typical holiday commercialized music nor will it be traditional Norse (Viking) or Celtic style music. With a mix of new age and world, ambiance and contemporary, all fused together based upon my experiences playing in bands whose music fit from dark barrooms to fairy festivals, and 6 years time spent playing in an international orchestra, I will be bringing a whole new sound to you. A full-length album with music a little on the darker side.

AND, there will be a couple of extra Winter Solstice bonus tracks that I can't share with you until the album is released. Well, I could but, that would ruin the surprise.