Music previews from my 1st and 2nd album

as well as 3 full-length instrumental cover songs,

(Queen Lucy & King Linus, Her Favorite Things, After The Sunrise)

BUT,  if you'd like to hear me sing a few cover songs,

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Music previews from my NEW album


Is also available for purchase in full at my Store

This is my 2nd concept album. A story filled with shieldmaidens and warriors, a war against evil, protecting mother earth, Goddesses, the first winter solstice, a love that will never die, and an unexpected ending that will totally catch you off guard.

10 original Winter Solstice songs with written words included to help tell the story and 2 holiday bonus tracks, this music isn't your typical holiday commercialized music nor will it be traditional Norse (Viking) or Celtic style music. A mix of new age and world, ambiance and contemporary, all fused together. A full-length album with music a little on the darker side. 


Written by NorthQuest Players

Release date: 2006

I recreated, arranged, and recorded this song while I was writing and recording my Winter Solstice album "The Beautiful Darkness Of A Midnight Snow (a winter's tale)" and thought about including it on the album but decided not to. I'm playing all bass (5-string bass and 8-string bass) I'm using the 8-string bass in place of the rhythm guitar. I'm also playing all piano, synthesizer and all voicing throughout the song (more voicing and singing is what I plan to do in future original songs)

I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I enjoyed playing it.

Music previews from my 1st album


Is also available for purchase in full at my Store

My debut solo album is a concept album. This is a true story and was written to take you on a journey of falling in love, the bittersweet pains when love doesn't grow as we planned, and finally finding the peace within. A journey told through words from a realm long ago, and through music of present day.

I want you to listen to it where you can have a glass of wine or cup of tea/coffee, sit back, relax, close your eyes, and block out the world's distractions as you remember your own journey down the path of love and healing and also join me on our shared emotional journey through my heart and spirit, using music and sounds.