searching for committed, serious, dedicated, and badass


who's also into haunting style voicing to form a music duo with me.


Hello everyone, I hope all is in a good way with you. 

I know this is kind of long but I'm big on details, being clear and upfront so, if you are interested in forming a duo, you'll possibly enjoy reading this. O.K. maybe not enjoy but, you'll be interested at least haha. This is what I'd like to create BUT I would also like to work with you and create something that both of us will like and be proud of. Don't let the half gray beard fool you, I'm not that old haha.

Below you will find information on -Who I'm looking for -Who I'm NOT looking for -What I'm hoping to create and build -Links to song styles and ideas -And a link to images of the tribal/earthy look I'd like to create if possible. 


-I'm a bassist, songwriter, storyteller, singer, and a multi-instrumentalist (piano/guitar/percussions) but, my main instrument is and will always be bass. I'm located in the MD/DC/VA area and prefer someone in this area.

-I'm looking for a certain style, attitude, and sound. Someone with energy and great vibes, connecting with the crowd while performing. Be willing, and able to perform with backing tracks (minus mixes) during some songs. 

-I'm looking towards creating more of a "Tribal/Earthy" look. A lot like the bands("Omnia", "Faun", "Wardruna", "SKÁLD") but creating our own unique style and taste (see tribal/earthy link below for images and ideas). I have many ideas for a stage show, stage props, and lighting. I don't want us to be typical or basic or be just another band out there. I'm into visual as well as sound, choreography with some storytelling. Not just stand there and play music. I want people to talk about us with amazement long after they leave.

-I'm NOT interested in the occasional jam session or a once a month rehearsal and show. I'm NOT looking to form a tribute/cover band and I'm NOT interested in the party scene situation. I'm in this for the long run. I want us to be an established performing duo. Work on originals and some covers, work on a stage show, once a week scheduled rehearsals that we both agree on (maybe twice a week to prepare for any upcoming shows if needed) and eventually start performing shows a couple of times a month (more if possible) while writing and recording our original music. That's why I'm looking for a "committed, serious, dedicated, badass".

-I'm NOT into drugs of any kind and want nothing to do with them at all. Especially during rehearsal or while performing. If you enjoy your drink, that's awesome as I do enjoy my red wine or hard cider. 

- My 9 to 5 isn't really a typical 9 to 5. I am a stagehand, lighting tech, and safety supervisor. I can be scheduled to work mornings, days, evenings as well as overnight 7 days a week but, I can decline any scheduled work without repercussions. I can have the time needed for music. With that said, you having a job is totally understandable and totally ok as long as you can dedicate the time needed for our duo and it won't make things overly difficult for you. When I'm not at my 9 to 5 job, I'm most likely trail riding or working on new music. Even when I'm at work I think about new songs and ideas. You don't have to be that way, that's just who I am. I know that things tend to happen, work happens, bills happen, life happens and so on. There are times where other things in life need attention so I totally get it. 


-For now, I'm thinking 50% originals and 50% covers to start off with until we have enough of our own original music to carry us. I've already released two full-length albums. I'm also working on six new songs that I'd love to have you add your gifts and talents to them to make them our songs. If you have any new songs, we can work on them together.

-As far as cover songs, I don't want to do the same songs that everyone out there already plays. I'm tired of hearing the same songs over and over. I want to do song's that no one else does. Also, I'd like to share vocals with you. You sing some songs, I'll sing some songs but I would really like to share vocals with you.  Songs that both of us sing together. 

Examples:   Listen to the song "And The World Has The Nerve To Keep Turning" by Tracy Bonham. If we covered this song, you would sing lead during the first part and I join in and sing the rest of the song with you. Listen to "Run" by Wendy Rae Fowler. If we covered this song, you would sing the normal vocals and I would sing the chanting vocals. Or the song "Jóga" by the band SKÁLD, we'd both sing together. Or the song "Distraction" by Zero 7 (ft. Sia), you start with singing the low vocals, I come in with higher vocals then we switch vocals, I sing low and you sing high near the end.  Or, if you listen to my cover song, the duo version of  "Hurt Somebody" by Noah Kahan or "Maybe Tomorrow" by Stereophonics. I'm singing all vocals in this song. This is to give you an idea about sharing vocals. We can mix things up as well but, I want your opinions, thoughts, and ideas. I can sing high and low as well as mimic some vocalists but I'm not the best singer so you may be singing most songs.

-The style of music I've been writing (my first two albums) is a mix of Jazz, Rock, New Age, World, Contemporary, and Ambiance blended together. For the duo, the sound I'm hoping to create with you would be the same but leaning a little more towards the ambiance, soundscape, and haunting vocal style voicing mixed with a tribal, Viking look and attitude.

-These are a combination of song ideas for the style and sound I'd like to create with our originals. I would be totally ok with covering any of these songs along with a dozen other songs I have but I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas.  Please listen to each song at least halfway through to get the full idea. 

-Think,..... Wendy Rae Fowler (Run) meets Zero 7 (Distraction) meets Fiona Apple (Limp or  Carrion) meets SKÁLD (Rún) meets Radiohead (Pyramid Song or Exit Musicmeets Fever Ray (If I Had A Heart ) meets Portishead (Threads or Glory Box) meets Mazzy Star (California or Into Dust) meets Tracy Bonham (Naked or  And The World Has The Nerve To Keep Turningmeets Jem (Come On Closer

-These are the voicing style vocals I'd love to add to our music,.... (Haunting, Siren, Vocals)


(-NO Country  -NO Rap  -NO Political Bullshit  -NO Drugs -NO Druggie -NO Drunks  -NO Controlling Significant Others -NO Hate -NO Drama)    -Would prefer that you have your own gear. This will help us move forward a lot quicker.

-While I do have some lighting gear and set up and will be getting a PA system soon, We will be starting from and creating this from scratch and building our duo from the ground up as we want it to be so there is no income YET but give it a little time. Once we start performing live that will change and once we record our first of many albums. Again, the reason why I'm looking for  "committed, serious, dedicated, badass". Someone like me who's ready to dedicate the time and energy into creating a badass duo to call OURS. I really hope that's you. Making some money doing what we love is always awesome but I love creating and playing music because it's in my blood.

-If you'd like to learn more about me, please feel free to ask anything you wish. You can also read my bio to learn about my music history and listen to my music listed at the top right. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on all of this. I want you to bring your biggest creating block to the table and lets both put our heads together and create something so badass awesome that we freak ourselves out. 

~For a better idea of the look /style I'd like to create, click "Tribal/Earthy" to view a few images~ 

~I want to create an earthy, free spirit, loving, laid back vibe and feel combined with a Tribal/Viking look and attitude. We can work together on this as well~

-Please contact me here at "CONTACT ME"  Or at

-If you'd like to listen to previews from my first two albums, click here "My Music"

-I'm Looking Forward To Hearing From You and creating awesomeness with you,... Joseph