searching for committed, serious, dedicated, and badass



-Hello everyone, I hope all is in a good way with you. 

I know this is kind of long and I apologize. I am big on details, being clear and upfront so, I know that if you are interested in becoming my duo partner, you'll want to and possibly enjoy reading this. O.K. maybe not enjoy but, you'll be interested at least haha. Please know that this is what I'd like to create BUT I would also like to work with you and create something that both of us will like and want. And don't let the half gray beard fool you, I'm not that old haha.

Below you will find information on -Who I'm looking for -Who I'm NOT looking for -What I'm hoping to create and build -Links to song styles and ideas -A link to images of the look I want to create -A list of my influences and the musicians/singers I like.


-I am a bassist, songwriter, storyteller, and recording artist as well as a multi-instrumentalist (piano/guitar/percussions) but, my main instrument is and will always be bass. I'm located in the MD/DC/VA area.

-I take my music and performing VERY seriously. I work extremely hard at it and when I'm not at my job I dedicate most of my life to it. Well, that and my kitty Autumn :>) Even while at work, I'm still thinking about and coming up with new ideas for songs and stage shows. I know that things tend to happen, work happens, bills happen, and so on. There are times where other things in life need attention so I totally get it. My bass is my first true love and as much as I love music and the time I put into music,  I'm also a self-proclaimed dork. I love laughing, joking and making other people smile, laugh and I do what I can to help others if I can.

-I'm NOT looking for or interested in the occasional jam session or a once a month rehearsal and show. This won't be a tribute/cover band and I'm NOT interested in the party scene situation. I'm in this for the long run. I want us to be an established performing duo. Work on originals and some covers, work on a stage show, once a week scheduled rehearsals (maybe twice at times to prepare for upcoming shows) and eventually start performing shows a couple times a month (more if possible) while writing and recording our original music. That's why I'm looking for a "committed, serious, dedicated, badass".

-I'm not into drugs of any kind and want nothing to do with them nor have them being part of our duo. If you enjoy your drink, that's awesome as I do enjoy my red wine or hard cider but not during a live show. I would prefer that you have no children (unless they are old enough to take care of themselves). Please don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with having children but, they would be a priority over our music. I can't and won't try to make anyone choose anything over their children so I need someone that can and will make our music and our project a priority.

- My 9 to 5 isn't really a typical 9 to 5. I am a stagehand, lighting tech, and safety supervisor. I can be scheduled to work mornings, days, evenings as well as overnight 7 days a week but, I can decline any scheduled work without any repercussions. That's why I love that work, I can have the time needed for music. With that said, you having a job is totally understandable and totally ok as long as you can dedicate the time needed for this duo and it won't make things overly difficult.

-I'm looking towards creating more of a "Tribal/Earthy" look. Bands like ("Omnia", "Faun", "Wardruna", "SKÁLD") but creating our own unique style. I have many ideas for a stage presence, stage props, and lighting. I don't want this to be typical or basic. I don't want to be just another band out there. I'm into visual as well as sound, choreography with a little theatrical type shows, not just stand there and play music. I want people to talk about us with amazement long after they leave.

-I'm looking for a certain style, attitude, and sound. Someone with energy for moving all over the stage, has a great vibe, connecting with the crowd while performing and willing to do whatever it takes (morally and legally haha) for our duo to succeed. Be willing, and able to perform with backing tracks (minus mixes) during some songs.


-For now, I'm thinking 50% originals and 50% covers to start off with until we have enough originals to carry us. I'm working on about eight new songs that I'd love to have you add your touch and talent to them to make them sound better and make them our songs as well as bringing your ideas and new originals for us to work on together as well as creating new songs. I don't want to do the same covers that everyone out there already plays. I'm tired of hearing the same songs over and over :>/ I want to do song's that no one else does. I would really like to share vocals with you.  Songs that both of us sing together.

Examples:  (click on the songs to listen) Listen to "Run" by Wendy Rae Fowler. If we covered this song, you would sing the normal vocals and I would sing the chanting vocals. Or the song "Jóga" by the band SKÁLD. Or "Tuning In" by Groove Armada. This is to give you an idea about sharing vocals. We can mix things up as well but, I want your opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

-The style of music I've been writing is a mix of Jazz, Rock, New Age, World, Contemporary, and Ambiance blended together but for the duo, the sound I'm hoping to create,... Think,...   Wendy Rae Fowler (Run) meets Sade (Every Word) meets Alif Tree (I Feel Blue) meets Fiona Apple (Limp meets SKÁLD (Rún) meets Florence & The Machine (Seven Devils) meets Fever Ray (If I Had A Heart) meets Bjork (Human Behaviour) meets Qntal (Spiegelglas),..... but leaning more towards the shoegaze, dream pop, ambiance and Soundscape sound mixed with a tribal, Viking sound and attitude. These combinations would be awesome but I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas. I wouldn't mind covering any of these songs. Also, it would be great if you are able to play guitar and sing these songs or any songs like these as well as writing our originals like this with me. I do have a few songs that I can sing lead but as mentioned, I'd like to share vocals with you during songs.

As mentioned, the style of music that I have been writing is a mix of Jazz, Rock, New Age, World, Contemporary, and Ambiance blended together but I am starting to write music with more of a Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Ambiance, Soundscape sound like the songs from my album, The Beautiful Darkness Of A Midnight Snow (a winter's tale) "The Battle Of Winter Solstice - Part I: Protecting Earth" and "The Beautiful Darkness Of A Midnight Snow" and like the songs from my album, The Warmth Of Love & Bass "Nightmare And Reality" and "Inconsequential". I'm doing voicing in the song The Beautiful Darkness Of A Midnight Snow but If you'd like to hear me sing, check out the five cover songs I've done. Also, please read the info for each song to see all the tracks that I'm doing and what's backing tracks. COVERS.


-One thing I would like for you to know, It doesn't matter if you can read sheet music or not. It doesn't matter if you studied music theory or not. It doesn't matter if you have a scholarship or not, or fancy words to describe your knowledge, experience and skill levels. It doesn't matter if you have 2-years experience or 200-years experience. None of that matters to me. The ONLY thing that matters to me is, If you are ready, willing, and able to be the badass that you are, bust your ass for this duo while having fun doing it, dedicate the time, attention, and energy needed to make this duo successful and willing to learn new things with me and to allow all the talent that still hides inside both of us that we will find and carry together as a duo to create something awesome. I would like to find someone that will push me even farther with writing and playing music and someone that will allow me to do the same for her. Creating an even better and unique sound together. 

(-NO Country  -NO Rap  -NO Political Bullshit  -NO Drugs -NO Druggie -NO Drunks  -NO Controlling Significant Others -NO Hate -NO Drama)    -Would prefer that you have your own gear. This will help us move forward a lot quicker.

-If you'd like to learn more about me, please feel free to ask anything you wish. You can also read my bio and listen to my music listed at the top right. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on all of this. I want you to bring your biggest creating block to the table and lets both put our heads together and create something so badass awesome that we freak ourselves out :>D 

~For a better idea of the look /style I'd like to create, click "Tribal/Earthy" to view a few images~

-Please contact me here at "CONTACT ME"  Or at

-I'm Looking Forward To Hearing From You and working with you,... Joseph



My top four influences and those I've learned from throughout my life as a musician 

  • Stanley Clarke (Jazz bass soloist) 
  • Steve Fossen (bassist and co-founder of Heart) 
  • John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) 
  • Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) 

Even though I was (still) a metal head during most of my life. I have since grown and expanded my taste and styles in music. For years I have enjoyed many types of music such as Jazz, Cultural/World, New Age, Classical (chamber), Acoustical, Instrumental, Ambiance. Also like going to classical music concerts, operas, musicals, plays. What I'm into and have been for a while are groups and individuals such as: 

My top four favorite Female singer/songwriters: 

  • Rachael Yamagata (soul sister and friend) 
  • Fiona Apple 
  • Tracy Bonham
  • Amy Winehouse 

Other singers/songwriters, I like and listen to: 

Diana Krall 
Lacey Sturm 
Sara Bareilles 
Kendra Morris                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Robyn Cage 
Heather Christie 
Shannon Hoon 
Matthew Bellamy 

Other styles and music I enjoy listening to,

Jaco Pastorius (bassist) 
Marcus Miller (solo bassist) 
Massive Attack 
Cocteau Twins 
Dream Theater 
Keiko Matsu (pianist) 
Paul Schwartz (composer) 
Julia Kent (solo cellist) 
Blind Melon (Shannon Hoon days)   
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      2002                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Incendio 

Qntal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Beats Antique 


Just To Name A Few