searching for committed, serious, dedicated, and badass


who's also into haunting style voicing as well as singing 

to form a different, unique, one of a kind music duo with me.

Before you read any farther, I need to say this and I will do so as politely as I possibly can. While it truly warms my heart with all the responses that I've been receiving from so many awesome and talented singers, it seems that most people are not taking the time to read this fully. If you can not take 15 minutes to read this and see who I'm looking for and what I'm looking to build and create, then how are you going to dedicate the time and energy to be in this duo? It just won't work.



Hello everyone, I hope all is in a good way with you. 

I know this is kind of long but I'm big on details, being clear and upfront so you'll know what to expect. If you're interested in forming a duo, you'll enjoy reading this. O.K. maybe not enjoy but, you'll be interested at least haha. This is what I'd like to create BUT I would also like to work with you and create something that both of us will like and be proud of. Don't let the half gray beard fool you, I'm not that old haha. Plus, I may do something a little different with it for when we become a duo and start performing.

Below you will find information on -Who I'm looking for -Who I'm NOT looking for -What I'm hoping to create and build -Links to song styles and ideas -And a link to images of the tribal/earthy look I'd like to create with you if possible. 


- I'm a bassist, songwriter, storyteller, singer, and a multi-instrumentalist (piano/guitar/percussions) but, my main instrument is and always will be bass. I'm located in the DMV (MD/DC/VA) and prefer someone in this area.

- I'm NOT looking for a "gun for hire" situation. I'm looking for someone permanent. Someone that will call this her home. You and I will be the sole creators of everything, sole songwriters. Everything that happens concerning the duo will be our decision and ours alone. We can hire a backup band when we start to perform live (drums and keyboards) I already have a badass drummer set up for when we play in the NY/NJ/CN area and I have a drummer in mind for when we play here in MD/DC/VA. I also have a few places that will book us once we're ready, including the Ladybug Music Festival in Wilmington DE and the Hexenfest Festival of Music, Myth, and Magic in Geyserville, California as well as many bands and musician friends that can help us along the way.

- I'm looking for a certain style, attitude, and sound. Someone who's ready to kick the world in the ass. Someone with energy and great vibes. Connecting with the crowd while performing is important. Be willing, and able to perform with backing tracks (minus mixes) during some songs, (if you're not sure what minus mixes are, please don't hesitate to ask me. It's totally ok. I love teaching as much as learning).

- I'm looking towards creating more of a "Tribal/Earthy" look. (for a better idea see tribal/earthy link below) BUT creating our own unique style and look. I personally like a lot of leather, dark colors, long flowy things, and some war paint. I'd also like for us to look similar. Not exactly the same but wear similar (colors, leather, makeup) so people will see that we're a duo. Our backup band will wear all black. I have many ideas for a stage show,  props, and lighting. I don't want us to be typical or basic or be just another duo. I'm into storytelling, visual, sound, and some choreography. Not just stand there and play music. I want people to talk about us with amazement long after they leave.

- I'm NOT interested in the occasional jam session or a once a month rehearsal and show. I'm NOT looking to form a tribute/cover band and I'm NOT interested in the party scene situation or hole in the wall club scene. I'm in this for real and for the long run. I want us to become an established, working, performing duo. Work on originals and some covers, work on a stage show, get together twice a week, once for scheduled rehearsals that we can both agree on for a day/time/place (twice a week to prepare for any upcoming shows if needed) and a once a week get together and hang out to discuss and decide on things that will help us grow and be even better.  I guess you would call that a band meeting. Eventually, start performing shows a couple of times a month, then add more shows as we go while writing/recording our original music between shows. That's why I'm looking for a "committed, serious, dedicated, badass".

- I'm NOT into drugs of any kind and want nothing to do with them. Especially during rehearsal or performing. (medical reasons can be overlooked).  If you enjoy your drink, that's awesome as I enjoy my red wine and hard cider but I personally don't drink while rehearsing or performing. I might have one drink before a show to calm my nerves haha but that's all. I drink a lot of water during shows. You are welcome to have drinks but please don't get drunk or get to the point that it starts to affect your awesome talents in a negative way.

- If you have a job as I do, this is totally understandable and perfectly ok as long as you can dedicate the time needed for our duo and it won't make things overly difficult for you. I know things tend to happen, work happens, bills happen, life happens and so on. There are times where other things in life need attention so I totally get it. 

- That's a lot of "I'm" above haha but I look forward to when we form a duo, it'll be a lot of "we" and "us" because this will be "our" duo.


- For now, I was thinking 50% originals and 50% covers to start off with until we have enough of our own original music to carry us. I've already released two full-length albums and I've been working on songs for my next album but I'd love to start working on songs with you and start working on our first of many albums.

Please Note: The style of music I've been writing (my first two albums) is a mix of Jazz, Rock, New Age, World, Contemporary, and Ambiance blended together. For the duo, the sound I'm hoping to create with you would be the same BUT leaning more towards a heavier sound with a little spice of smooth emotional vibes and some haunting vocal style mixed in. The songs below in blue are a mix of this.

- As far as cover songs, I don't want to do the same songs that everyone out there already plays. I'm tired of hearing the same songs over and over. I want to do song's that no one else does but still known. Also, I'd like to share vocals with you. You sing some songs, I'll sing some songs and we both sing song's together.  Kind of like the band Lacuna Coil but doing so in our own style and flavor. Something unique.

Example: (please listen to each song more than halfway through to get an idea of what I'd like to do). If we covered any of these songs,  The song "Trip The Darkness"  by Lacuna Coil, shared vocals. Or the song "I See Fire" by Ed Sheeran, you sing the beginning and the ending, we sing the rest of the song together. I sing low vocals, you sing high vocals. Or the song "Run" by Wendy Rae Fowler, you would sing the lead vocals and I would sing the chanting. Or the song "Jóga" by SKÁLD, singing together. Or the song "What Have You Done" by Within Temptation. shared vocals. Or the song "Distractions" by Zero 7, you'd sing low vocals, I'd sing backing harmony during the first half, then we'd switch, I sing low vocals and you'd go nuts with the high vocals. Or this song (I'm not a Beatles fan but I love this song) "Because" This version is on the soundtrack from the movie Across The Universe and my opinion, is better than the original.

Please Note:  The songs above are to give you an idea about sharing vocals. We can mix things up as well. I want your opinions, thoughts, and ideas. I'm not the best singer but I can sing high and low as well as mimic some vocalists. I'm still looking for my voice. Will you help me?

- The songs below are a combination of song ideas for the style and sound I'd like to create with our originals but creating a new sound and style of our own with the heavier sound with a little spice of smooth emotional vibes I mentioned above. Not necessarily following these bands/artists themselves but the sounds and attitudes of the songs I picked.  I would be totally ok with covering any of these songs that I've linked above and below along with a song list that I have as well as songs you may have but I'd like to hear your thoughts and ideas.  Again, please listen to each song more than halfway through to get the full idea. 

- Think,...Jem (24 or Come on Closer) meets Lacuna Coil (Humane or Swamped or Nothing Stands in Our Way ) meets Zero 7 (Distraction or Spinning or In The Waiting Line) meets Within Temptation (Mother Earth or Aquarius or Stand My Ground) meets  SKÁLD (Rún or Gleipnir) meets Radiohead (Subterranean Homesick Alien or How To Disappear Completely) meets Holy Fawn (Arrows or Dark Stone) meets Portishead (Sour Times or Threads meets Halestorm (I Am The Fire or Familiar Taste Of Poison) meets Mazzy Star (California or Into Dustmeets Flyleaf (Heavy Prey  or I'm So Sick)

-These are the voicing style vocals I'd love to add to our music,.... (Haunting, Siren, Vocals)

With That Said:  The music I just shared is NOT a must do style and it doesn't have to be the exact sound. It's just to give you an idea of the direction I'd like to go. If you can sing and play guitar to any of the above songs that would be awesome BUT, I want to hear YOU.


(- NO Country  - NO Rap  - NO Political Bullshit  - NO Druggies - NO Achololics - NO Controlling Significant Others - NO Hate - NO Drama)

Would prefer that you have your own gear. This will help us move forward a lot quicker. If not, maybe we can work on that together.

- While I do have some lighting gear and set up and will be getting a PA system soon, We will be starting and creating this from scratch and building our duo from the ground up as we want it to be so there is no income YET but give it a little time. Once we start performing live and we record our first of many albums, this will change. Again, the reason why I'm looking for  "committed, serious, dedicated, badass". Someone like me who's ready to dedicate the time and energy into creating a badass duo to call OURS. I really hope that's you. Making money doing what we love is always awesome but I love creating, writing, and playing music because it's in my blood.

- If you'd like to learn more about me, please feel free to ask anything you wish. You can also read my bio above to learn about my music history. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on all of this. I want you to bring your biggest creating block to the table and lets put our heads together and create something so badass awesome that we freak ourselves out. 

Please Note:  I prefer that you have no other projects going on so you can dedicate all your time, energy, and focus to help create and be half of this unique, never before seen duo. If you already have a project I'd still like to talk with you to see what we can work out. 

~For a better idea of the look /style I'd like to create, click "Tribal/Earthy" to view a few images~ 

~I want to create an earthy, free spirit, loving, laid back vibe and feel combined with a Tribal/Viking kick your ass look and attitude. We can work together on this as well.

~Please contact me here at "CONTACT ME"  Or at

~If you'd like to listen to previews from my first two albums, click here "My Music" but please keep in mind that I want to write music a little heavier than my past albums.

~I'm Looking Forward To Hearing From You and creating awesomeness with you,... Joseph